punk  punk rock  sci-fi  rock opera 

A king, an outlaw, and a heretic caught in a world where their home has been overrun by robot aliens. This is their story.

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Liner Notes

Written and recorded under the influence of Dragonforce and The Protomen, Execution is an album that tells the story of a king, an outlaw, and a heretic, each chosen by destiny to rise to glory and be cemented as legends in the annals of history.
The king, in a quest for power, has banished all magic use from his kingdom. He locates a magical artifact deep in the ancient caverns beneath his lands... The Stone of the Sky is said to bring control over ancient mythical beasts to its bearer. However, when the mythical beasts came, they came from the sky. And they came to conquer.
Seven years have passed. Will our heroes be able to set aside their differences and unite to combine their power and defeat the robot alien invaders?


Jeff Webster
Trav Larocque
Jason Nimersheim


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